Erlenmatt West (2000-Watt-company / 2000-Watt-area / sustainable building)



Erlenmatt West has officially obtained the "2000 watt area" certification as the second sustainable quarter in Switzerland. The certificate for 2000 watt areas distinguishes settlement areas, which can prove sustainable handling of resources for the creation of buildings, their operation and renewal, and the mobility caused by the operation.



The 2000-Watt company strives towards a reduction of the primary energy consumption to 2000 Watts per head, 17,500 kilowatt hours per person and year. Today it is 6300 Watts (55,000 kWh). By increasing the energy efficiency and the suitable selection of materials (building, transport), the vision should become reality within several generations. Part of this objective is a reduction in CO2 emissions to one tonne per person and year. The SIA efficiency path for energy allocates around 40% of the 2000 Watts, i.e. 800 Watts, to living.


Social and functional mixture

The new quarter Erlenmatt West has 574 apartments and a senior centre. This mixture covers a wide spectrum of housing types and apartment sizes. Seniors, families, couples and single apartments enable a harmonious and cross generational co-existence. Apart from the various housing types, commercial areas are also available.



Erlenmatt West is the perfect symbiosis of ecology and technology, and vision and pragmatism. It not only fulfils the MINERGIE standards, rather also uses 100% renewable eco district heating from the refuse incineration plant Basel of the Industrial Works Basel (IWB). In addition, green electricity is purchased. On half of the roof surfaces, a photovoltaic plant also produces clean energy from the sun.


With water and energy saving components in the interior fittings and the domestic technology, the consumption is reduced to the necessary minimum. However, in the Erlenmatt West district, the environmentally conscious mobility requirements are also taken into account. Apart from numerous bicycle parking spaces, connections are also available for electrical vehicles in the underground garages. In addition, mobility parking spaces for the residents of the quarter are also available in the immediate vicinity.


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